New Visual Lighting 2020 R2 with UGR calculations

Visual Lighting 2020 R2 with Unified Glare Rating (UGR) calculations is now available

This new version of Visual Lighting 2020 supports Unified Glare Rating (UGR) calculations. Installing this setup will create a new "Visual Lighting 2020 R2" shortcut on your desktop. This setup will not uninstall your existing Visual Lighting 2020 program.

New Features:

Added a Unified Glare Rating (UGR) calculation zone with an observer viewing direction to meet the requirements to perform a UGR calculation in your design. UGR calculations provide a psychological measure of the discomfort glare in interior lighting applications. UGR can be used as an alternative to Visual Comfort Probability (VCP).

Added a new faster rendering engine capable of producing renderings for complex projects with improved accuracy for daylighting renderings and finer detail in small shadows. The first pass of the rendering produces increased detail compared to previous software releases.


Please view the instructional video to learn how to add a UGR calculation zone and include in your documentation.


Please download the latest update to Visual Lighting 2020 R2 (2.11.0049). Visual Lighting 2020 R2 is a free upgrade to all users with an active subscription.

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