Back to Basics: Lighting and Controls Training

Whether you are new to the lighting industry or just want a refresher, the lighting and controls fundamentals e-learning courses from Acuity Academy make it easy. Take one CEU-accredited course- or all of them - whenever you have the time.

An introduction to the art and science of light including the scientific properties of light, the terminologies used to describe light, its characteristics and the characteristics of materials that affect how we experience light.

Watch the preview video for a sneak peek of training content.

Then visit Acuity Academy for the entire Lighting Fundamentals 5-part series and a complete selection of basic training on lighting and controls including:

Lighting 101: The Basics - An introduction to fundamental terminology and a foundational look at lighting sources, light fixtures and lighting controls.

Sensor Basics: An Overview of Sensors - Learn about lighting occupancy sensors and daylight sensors technology, how they function and how they affect the space.

Basic Lighting Controls Strategies - A foundational understanding of lighting controls strategies including manual control, occupancy / vacancy sensing, daylight harvesting and scheduling.

LED Terminology - A guide through the most common terminology when discussing LED lighting sources.


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