nLight Enabled Luminaires

Lighting controls give you the ability to meet code requirements throughout an entire facility while achieving energy efficiency. Utilize control systems to keep occupants comfortable throughout all hours of the day and create the optimal light levels for every space.

With nLight® enabled luminaires, you can easily design a lighting controls system without the need for detailed design layouts on the placement of the occupancy sensors in the space, because the sensor is located directly in the luminaire. 

Our extensive offering of more than 500 embedded luminaires can meet the needs of almost any project with  products ranging from troffers, panels, architectural luminaires, area lights and more. nLight enabled luminaires from Acuity Brands deliver a digital network that opens the door to the future with the potential for the Internet of Things, data, and more, which grows with you today and tomorrow. 

nLight with Wired Lighting Controls | nLight with Wireless Lighting Controls

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