Why You Should Consider Luminaires with Embedded Controls

"Specifying and installing a lighting controls system with luminaire embedded controls and intelligent drivers can offer a tremendous ROI when factoring in both installation and energy savings." 

Gilles Abrahamse, VP and General Manager, Digital Luminaire Components at Acuity Brands Lighting

Lighting control solutions are in a continuous state of evolution and have advanced to embedded controls within the luminaire.

Let's start by defining embedded controls:

An embedded control is designed by the luminaire manufacturer to have the controls device as part of the luminaire. 

The beauty of the embedded luminaires is they are manufactured, tested, and shipped with the control already present in the luminaire. Gilles Abrahamse outlines the key benefits of embedded luminaires that contribute to their growing popularity in his article for the November/ December 2020 issue of BUILDINGS magazine. 

These benefits include:

-  Energy savings

- Lower overall installation costs

- Enhanced occupant comfort

- Easier lighting control design

- Simplified code compliance

- Connection to Building Management Systems


This all sounds great, right? But where can you find a diverse range of these products?  See our entire offering of embedded controls luminaires on our website HERE


For more information about embedded controls, their value, their technology, and more, please visit https://www.acuitybrands.com/resources/trending-topics/embedded-controls

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