Q&A: Get a Visual on Visual™ Lighting (software, that is)

April 16, 2019

Randall King, Acuity Brands Product Director, Visual Solutions, is an illuminating engineer with experience in lighting design and software development. His passion is to create software tools to improve the lighting design process, which led to development of the Visual software tools.

  1. What is Visual™ Lighting software?

Visual Lighting is software for design and analysis of interior and exterior lighting projects. You can import PDF or DWG files and perform a complete lighting analysis to verify that your lighting design, with chosen products, will achieve the target light levels.  A comprehensive print editor is included so you can generate a submittal to communicate the design to your customer.

2. What new features will be released in Visual Lighting 2019 software?

There are lots of value-add updates:

  • New user interface to provide an improved, more intuitive user experience during the design process
  • New lighting calculations to support multiple computer processors and decrease the calculation time for large design projects
  • Updated DWG import/export utility to support latest release of AutoCAD files
  • New cloud-based product selection tool - no need to download large product files to your computer, all product data is available and automatically updated. To assist in quickly finding the correct product, you can filter results by distribution, color temperature and configuration.

3. Are there any tools available to assist with basic lighting design?

There are six web-based Visual Design Tools to evaluate multiple products and calculate the number of luminaires required to meet a desired light level in interior or exterior spaces.

Additionally, there are two economic analysis tools:

- The Economic Tool performs a comprehensive economic evaluation of multiple design solutions for new installations and retrofits

- The Simple Economic Tool provides a quick analysis of expected electrical consumption using your phone app or laptop


For more information - and to sign up for a free one-month trial of the Visual Lighting software - click HERE.


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