Q&A: Even More Flicker and Dimming Insights

February 12, 2019

Mark Cremer, eldoLED Director of OEM Solutions and general controls guru, answers a few technical – but practical – questions about evaluating products for flicker performance, dimmer compatibility, and more.   

1.   If there’s no IEEE P1789 graph available, how can I              verify the flicker performance of that product?

If you want to verify product performance and/or compare the performance of different products with regard to flicker, IEEE P1789 graphs are really the best method. If the graph is not available for a specific product, request the test data from the manufacturer.    eldoLED provides IEEE P1789 graphs for all their LED drivers, including test data over the full dimming range.

2.   How do I know which dimming curve I need?

Some controls manufacturers proactively provide compatibility information for dimmer and switch products tested with their controls. If you’re still unsure as to what would work best, testing is highly recommended.  eldoLED has published a compatibility sheet on the website for commonly-used 0-10V wall controllers. The sheet shows the recommended dimming curve for the selected wall dimmer, based on eldoLED testing and performance.

3.   Are you able to change the dimming curve with a DALI controller?

eldoLED drivers are part of the DALI-2, Device Type 6 Standard, such that the dimming curve can be changed with either LEDcode or DALI Controller. The DALI controller needs to support Device Type 6 standard as well.


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