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Lighting project brings natural daylight into Karndean Warehouse. The Eneref Institute examined how a holistic approach to warehouse lighting improves morale and performance in a warehouse facility.

Karndean is an international vinyl tile flooring manufacturer with their US headquarters and warehouse near Pittsburgh, PA. 

Known for their high-quality flooring and display boards for show rooms; they need to be sensitive to subtle manufacturing variations in color, texture, and construction between factories, so proper lighting is critical. In 2015, they constructed a new warehouse and distribution center employing an innovative lighting system designed to significantly reduce energy use while improving the work environment.

The mix of natural daylight with LED lighting allows them to see the subtle variances of the flooring. With so many SKUs in their product line, this saves them time on site for assembly and shipping -- and ensures the customer the right, matching product.

They found the availability of natural daylight from the skylights helped increase employee efficiency and overall morale. However, incorporating daylighting sensors with their new linear LED high bay lighting provided significant energy savings - 49% in the lighting load!

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Product used in this application:
Sunoptics® Signature series skylights (SIG)
Lithonia Lighting® I-BEAM® IBL LED High Bays­


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