Sunoptics Diamond-Shield Warranty

June 20, 2022 Karin McReynolds

Don't be fooled. Look for the BLUE Label!

Knowing you have chosen the best daylighting product from the most reputable manufacturer means more than just having the right product for your project. It means having the confidence that Sunoptics® not only answers your unique daylighting needs through years of product innovation, but that we stand by a superior warranty in the skylight and tubular daylighting systems industry.

To ensure you and your contractors are receiving genuine Sunoptics product, look for the BLUE Diamond-Shield Warranty LABEL on your skylight or smoke vent product frame.

Our easy-to-read warranty document breaks information out by model and feature. It can be accessed from any of our product pages on, or by this direct link: Look for Sunoptics on the menu (right-hand column).

Highlights of Warranty:

  • 15-Year Limited Warranty for Polycarbonate Skylights
  • 10-Year Limited Warranty for Acrylic Skylights
  • 10-Year Limited Warranty for Smoke Vents
  • Up to 10-Year Limited Warranty against Yellowing
  • Up to 20-Year Limited Warranty for LightFlex™ Tubular Daylighting Systems

About Sunoptics® Skylights and Daylighting Systems
For over four decades, Sunoptics® has been a trusted partner for providing natural light and leak-free products to roofers, architects, and building owners. Sunoptics extrudes its own plastics using high-grade materials. This allows for total quality control of the manufacturing process, and results in lenses with superior optical quality.

As part of the Acuity Brands® portfolio, Sunoptics offer the advantage of providing holistic daylighting product solutions consisting of skylights, LED luminaires, and advanced lighting controls from one source.

At Sunoptics, we believe There's no greater efficiency than off!®

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