DayLighting the way to greener and healthier buildings

February 17, 2020 Karin McReynolds

(Day)Lighting the way to greener and healthier buildings

World Green Building Council (WGBC) | Home > News & Media > (Day)Lighting the way to greener and healthier buildings | Wednesday 13th September 2017

Have you ever spent a whole day at work stuck inside a meeting room with no windows? Do you remember if you were energetic or tired, or how you slept that night?

Surveys of office workers tend to show that people generally prefer spaces with significant natural daylight and complementary levels of artificial light. Further, scientific research shows that access to more daylight can bring consistent benefits in terms of health and productivity for building occupants.

But how does natural daylight and artificial light affect energy and carbon emissions?

In this article in the WGBC series on the potential tensions between reducing carbon emissions and health and well being, WGBC explores daylighting and artificial lighting in buildings and how they impact people and the planet.

Let there be light...but not too much?

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