BLC™ Center Element Troffer Adds Round Lens Option

September 23, 2019 Heather Drust

BLC is now available with a round lens and expanded factory-installed options!

Lithonia Lighting® will enable you to win more discretionary business by expanding options on the entry-level center basket troffer. New factory-installed options like pre-wired whips and emergency battery packs give you an advantage over the competition.

The BLC continues to offer quality illumination at the most affordable price point available from the Lithonia Lighting center basket troffer portfolio. The addition of the round lens option allows BLC to complement all products within the BL Family to complete your entire space.

BLC Webpage

BLC Sell Sheet

BLC Spec Sheet


As part of Contractor Select™  the BLC is readily available from all Acuity Brands distribution centers across the US. The nomenclature ADSM will designate which BLC configurations have a round lens. For configurable ordering tree information, please reference the spec sheet link above.

Contractor Select BLC Webpage

Contractor Select BLC Spec Sheet


BLC is part of the BL Family from Lithonia Lighting and pairs seamlessly with the BLT, a highly configurable center basket troffer, and the BLWP, our most versatile commercial wraparound. This allows customers to outfit an entire application within one product family for a cohesive aesthetic. BLC is great for renovation or new construction and perfect for schools, retail, back office and other commercial spaces.

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