Time is Money: Top Products for Four-Minutes-or-Less Lighting Upgrades

Four minutes. Sometimes less.

That’s the time it takes to install many of our Lithonia Lighting® retrofit products. And that’s good news for super-busy electrical contractors, who are increasingly hampered by chronic labor shortages.

According to a survey from Autodesk and the Associated General Contractors of America, 70 percent of construction companies are struggling to find enough hourly skilled workers to handle their hefty workloads. The problem is likely to get worse, as billions of non-LED luminaires are expected to be upgraded to LEDs in the coming decade.

Here are the top Lithonia Lighting products that can save contractors time -- and hassle, too - - with simple installation that keeps your workers beneath the ceiling and ready to move quickly to the next job:

  • The BLT Relight Series provides quick, easy installation to most existing luminaires, proving the look, feel and performance of a full fixture replacement at a fraction of the cost. You can easily upgrade into most existing recessed fixtures – including fluorescent troffers and parabolics -- mounted in T-grid ceiling applications. And you can do it from the room side with no need to access the plenum. To see for yourself, check out the BLT Relight Series installation video here.
  • Whether for new construction or retrofit projects, installation of E Series LED Recessed Modules is easy. They fit 4", 5" or 6" recessed housings from most manufacturers, are wet location listed, and are available in multiple color temperatures. The low cost and flexible usage make them an ideal LED option for high-volume retrofitting projects, and for new construction, too.
  • Save up to 40 percent on energy costs with the MRSL Strip Retrofit Kit, an energy-saving, permanent retrofit solution for fluorescent strips. It easily mounts onto virtually any existing fluorescent channel, replacing T8 and T12 strips; simply bend the flexible bracket to size, mount the channel cover to the bracket, make the needed wiring connections, and install the kit to the host housing. Check out how easy it is to install the MRSL LED here.
  • Already have KAD luminaires? Not to worry; with the KADRD-LED Retrofit Door, you can leave the upper housing in place and upgrade to LED by simply replacing the glass door and making three quick electrical connections. Start to finish installation time is less than three minutes! See the installation video here.

Why waste your time searching in vain for more installers when you improve the efficiency of the installers you have? For these and other quick-install solutions, check out our complete portfolio of LED solutions.

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OVWP -  a compact, attractive and energy efficient wall sconce.
OVWP - a compact, attractive and energy efficient wall sconce.

OVWP - a compact, attractive and energy efficient wall sconce.

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