An EZY Way to Replace Yellowed Fiberglass Panels

Replacing old fiberglass panels on warehouse renovation projects is easy with EZY Curb EZYSA. A great solution for new roofs, too!

Out with the old fiberglass with the Sunoptics® EZY Curb™ family. The EZYSA stand-alone fiberglass-panel replacement system is available in 10-foot runs and can be easily installed by a roofer – no middle man!

Why upgrade from fiberglass panels? Fiberglass-panel skylights are prone to leaking, discolor easily, and can prevent the benefits of daylighting in your warehouse, industrial or retail space. See Video

The EZY Curb Daylighting Systems are modular curb systems designed specifically for R-Panel metal roofs. They allow for easy one-for-one replacement of inefficient, low-performing fiberglass panels. Since the system is modular, it can be installed by a roofer rather than a specialized metal mechanic ─ reducing installation costs relative to a curb-based solution.

Both EZY Curb™ systems feature our Signature™ Series skylights with prismatic optics. Its patented dome design captures more light throughout the day than any other passive skylight on the market today.

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EZY Curb Brochure

EZYSA stand-alone fiberglass replacement system -
EZYSA Product Page |  EZYSA Spec Sheet
EZYCS continuous-run daylighting system -
EZYCS Product PageEZYCS Spec Sheet

Video | Guide

R-Panel Profile:

R-Panel profile for Sunoptics EZY Curb




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