How Atrius is Driving Innovation for Grocers

Innovators need an incubator, somewhere where they can ideate and envision their future building spaces. That’s what drove Acuity Brands to create the Grocery Store Innovation Center at the Center for Light + Space in Atlanta, Georgia.

Grocers are looking to enhance their customers’ in-store and digital experiences while improving store profitability.  In response, Acuity Brands developed a space for grocers to interact, test and explore concepts like indoor positioning, wayfinding, spatial analytics and asset tracking.  A space to preview how physical and digital brand experiences can converge.

What kind of digital technology is important? 

Indoor location-based services (LBS) are fast becoming the industry standard due primarily to its role in augmenting a frictionless, omni-channel strategy and contextual shopping experience with real-time data and analytics, that:

  • drive traffic, convenience and increased basket size;
  • enhance loyalty applications;
  • reduce operating costs and empowers merchandising decisions;
  • enable BOPIS, in-store pick-up and other integrated experiences from website to physical store;
  • and empower front-line employees to deliver on-demand and proactive customer services. 

The Innovation Center delivers a digital to physical sandbox, allowing grocers to demo functionalities and address their unique challenges in an environment that showcases the technology with the help of on-hand experts.

The Center aligns with Grocers’ Key Priorities

Location-based services (LBS) enable grocers to make physical stores part of the digital journey, both for customers and for managers. When LED lighting includes beaconing and communication technologies as the foundation of indoor LBS, grocers reap the benefits of a fully-funded IoT technology, generated from the energy savings. LED lighting conversions are growing due to its ability to save energy – as much as 50% to 80%, or more when compared to conventional lighting.


“Given that profit margins of supermarkets are so thin, on the order of 1 percent, EPA estimates that one dollar in energy savings is equivalent to $59 in increased sales.”1

The Grocery Store Innovation Center is an example of Acuity Brands’ location-based services, which are successfully deployed in nearly 200 million square feet of indoor retail space across 2,500 buildings. The Center demonstrates a viable, proven technology that will scale across a store and store chain.

How can we learn more?

For more information, click here  to register for an onsite visit or virtual tour and learn more about the latest retail and connected building trends.

Audwin Cash

Senior Vice President, Enterprise Technology Solutions at Atrius

Audey is a business leader who works in partnership with executive teams and large companies to transform their connected building spaces with smart lighting to Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. In his role at Atrius, he governs the sales teams across the enterprise. From electronics to lighting, Cash has spent over 15+ years in the building market, transforming spaces to further the success of his clients, people and solutions.

Audey received his BS in Computer Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology and a Master’s of Business in Finance and Marketing from Lehigh University. 



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