Workerbee Case Study – Office Upgrade

October 26, 2017

Designing an office can be challenging, with different departments having different lighting and comfort requirements. Workerbee, a fast-growing video production company, realized these challenges as it outgrew its existing space and looked at moving into a much larger location. Workerbee turned to Acuity Brands to create a solution that not only could scale with its expansion but also could address the different working environments needed for its individual departments. Acuity, along with its local agent R.D. Sales, designed a system around its nLight® edge-based controls platform and implemented a mixture of tunable lighting solutions across its multiple brands, including Peerless® and Lithonia Lighting®. Lastly, to satisfy the company’s sustainability goals, Workerbee added an additional element from Acuity Brands — the nLight® SiteView™ Energy metering solution — to monitor lighting, HVAC and plug loads in real time. This case study is a great example of how the Acuity portfolio of brands is able to provide comprehensive solutions that go well beyond lighting.


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