Acuity Brands Illuminates New LEED Certified Atlanta Airport International Terminal

February 11, 2019 Lily Valencia

Hartsfield-Jackson International Terminal Case Study

More than 14,000 lighting solutions from Acuity Brands are now illuminating the Maynard H. Jackson International Terminal at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. The new terminal, which is certified Silver under the US Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standard, incorporates multiple lighting products from the expansive Acuity Brands’ portfolio. 

“We looked for lighting solutions that would comprehensively address this massively complex family of spaces, and do so with a degree of consistency and commonality of light sources,” said Domingo Gonzalez, president of Domingo Gonzalez Associates and head lighting designer on the project.

Mark Architectural Lighting™ custom T5 and T8 Slot 6 fixtures and custom cove lights were modified specifically to accommodate the architectural needs of the space. Luminaires from Gotham® accent the column architecture. 

Mounted on round-tapered poles, Omero™ area and roadway luminaires from Lithonia Lighting® light the terminal roadways. In the arrival area, Lithonia Lighting fluorescent high bays, modified for T6 lamping, are mounted to the canopy and illuminate incoming gate pathways. The baggage claim and conveyer belts located throughout the space are entirely lit with Lithonia Lighting I-BEAM® fluorescent high bays.







Lighting Controls Solutions

In addition, Acuity Brands provided the Synergy® and Lighting Control & Design™ lighting control systems used throughout the new terminal. The systems reduce light levels in times of low gate occupancy in order to save additional energy.  

“Mark Architectural Lighting slot fixtures were the key to the whole project because Acuity Brands was able to customize the Slot 6 fixtures to fit our needs,” said Gonzalez. “With that came the responsibility of helping us with all the configurations and modifications needed for meeting program objectives and LEED certification compliance. Acuity Brands’ engineering support throughout the process was nothing short of outstanding. Acuity Brands engineers were excellent collaborators in developing all of the lighting control system configurations, which were all so critical in meeting all of the energy aspects of LEED.”


Products Included In This Solution



         Slot 6                                           IBZ                                     MR






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Acuity Brands Illuminates International Terminal in Atlanta
Acuity Brands Illuminates International Terminal in Atlanta

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