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September 10, 2020 Heather Cerny

LESCO Lighting Technology is a Houston, TX-based lighting and controls manufacturers’ representative firm that specializes in commercial, architectural, industrial and residential applications. LESCO was looking to update its existing office space -- which features an open ceiling with exposed ductwork -- with a new architectural luminaire. The firm opted to install a new rectilinear luminaire from Peerless® that would provide better quality lighting with glare control as well as showcase a new trend in architectural lighting to their visitors and clients. 

From Imagined to Reality - Office Space with a Purpose 

One of LESCO’s main design objectives was to increase the lighting levels in a specific area of the office, which was located above employees’ desks and over a central working area. The Peerless® Renna was chosen for its rectilinear design, which provides long runs of even illumination and more design freedom and versatility. Jason Pryor, Specification Sales at LESCO, and his team sketched the initial design rendering on an iPad for the luminaire run.

“The design was created from divergent thinking as we wanted to showcase what Renna could be designed to do, utilizing a mix and match of transitions and linear runs. We learned that Renna luminaires are easier to configure and specify than similar custom form factor luminaires. It achieves the same design patterns in a shorter time frame than the 14-16 weeks it would take to have a custom solution delivered.”

Jason Pryor, Specification Sales at LESCO

Creative indoor architectural lighting serving a dual purpose. What’s Changed:

Facility and Employees:

• Enhanced quality lighting above work areas for less eye strain, brighter illumination and a more visually comfortable light output than previously installed luminaires.

• Appealing aesthetic and out-of-the-box luminaire design to inspire employees and showcase the possibilities with lighting.

Visitors and Clients:

• Provides clients with a full-scale installation of the Renna luminaire with connected controls in an office space environment.

• Showcases the possibilities and various design features of the Renna luminaire so clients can feel more confident in their purchasing decision.

The Installation and Configuration Experience

An electrical contractor completed the installation of Renna, which was designed for quick install, reduced labor hours and project costs.

LESCO programmed the run of Renna luminaires using Modulus™ technology, a low voltage distributed power and control system from Acuity Brands. The Modulus system simplifies installation with a single power drop for up to 32 feet of luminaires, reducing complications and labor costs when designing and electrical layout. Modulus enabled the Renna luminaires to connect to an existing Fresco™ controls system that manages luminaire dimming, tunable white, RGB and other features. A bonus to this project was that it provides LESCO clients with a tangible example of how to address light quality and wall washing with minimal to no shadows. This unique design was achieved using just three of Renna’s transitions (curve, mini square and L corner). With more than a dozen available transitions, designing a one-of-a kind look is now possible. 

The LESCO Specifications Team sketched the initial Renna lumnaire run design rendering on an iPad.

Products Featured:

• 49 Renna rectilinear luminaires with installed Modulus low voltage power and integrated with nLight® for controls networking

• Fresco system lighting controls 

Renna™ luminaires provide a minimalist form factor and configurable dimensions, delivering glare-controlled downlighting and a concealed source of asymmetric wall wash. Renna also enables emergency output lighting and connectivity with other controls and embedded devices through Modulus. 

Modulus™ technology simplifies installation with a single power drop for up to 32 feet of luminaires, reducing install complications and labor costs. Modulus™ technology includes eldoLED® for flicker-free diming and tunable white, nLight® networked controls and sensors, and IOTA® emergency lighting back-up power.

Fast Facts About LESCO Lighting Technology

  •  A Houston-based lighting and controls manufacturers’ representative firm specializing in commercial, architectural, industrial and residential applications.
  • Founded in 1971 to serve the design, electrical distribution and contracting market segments. Installed Peerless® Renna™ luminaires throughout its open ceiling office space to provide lighting improvements, offer greater control of illuminated sections and maximize energy efficiency for the facility, while showcasing the aesthetic qualities of this new rectilinear luminaire. 


Learn more about Peerless Renna

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