Watch Light WLT Steps Up with New Upgrade

October 28, 2021 Tom Pierce

Watch Light WLT Expands Capabilities with Gen2 Upgrade

The Watch Light from AEL has been upgraded from the first gen WL1 series to the next gen WLT series. This upgrade brings an expanded range of lumen coverage with new lumen packages, improved LPW and even new mounting arm sizes. 

Quick facts that you need to know about these products:

  • 5,000 to 11,000 lumens 
  • Input wattages from 30W to 80W.
  • Up to 154 LPW
  • 3000K & 4000K CCT, 70 CRI
  • Durable long lasting prismatic glass optics
  • Multi-volt (120V to 277V) dimmable driver is standard
  • All aluminum housing and door
  • 2-bolt mounting with +/- 5° adjustment
  • Optional stainless steel thumbscrew for tool-less entry
  • 6kV/10kV/20kV onboard surge protection options
  • 40°C rated
  • Lightweight & compact for easy installation
  • Available with 18”, 24” and 30” arm
  • Industry-leading DTL photocontrols 

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