nLight in Industrial

January 19, 2022 Landon Turner

Understand lighting controls and the value they bring to industrial spaces. From energy savings to safer environments, a controls strategy can help address current challenges and ongoing pressures. Implementing multiple levels of control strategies with innovative and practical solutions offered by nLight®, will improve performance and save energy. 


Investing in systems that deliver money-saving strategies, like nLight® lighting controls system, can ease the strain of rising energy costs and the financial burden of switching to new LED technology and complying with increasingly stringent energy codes.


Where people interact with heavy machinery, moving parts, and shelves stacked high, the necessity for safety is the primary concern. Lighting levels can be optimized for safety using control strategies to easily and quickly reconfigure lighting based on the needs of a space and at specific times of day to ensure those working in a space can do so safely.


A system-wide solution tied to software can enable a facility manager to monitor real-time information, program, and control from a single computer freeing up valuable time. Implementing multi-levels of control strategies will ensure any solution goes even further, now and into the future. 


See the nLight infrastructure industrial outdoor guide here.

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