Is Upgrading to LED Really Worth It?

You have heard that upgrading to LED can save you money on both energy and maintenance costs, but have you wondered if the initial investment really leads to a positive ROI? And if so, how long will the payback be?  See our example below that breaks down the savings on a 250-fixture, facility-wide LED replacement. 

Renovation Example

We replaced 400W HID fixtures in a facility-wide application with LED high-bay luminaires. You can see that just by switching to LED, operational costs related to lighting were reduced by over 66%. You can further build upon your optimized solution by utilizing controls that help you manage your lighting. With an expected service life of 20 years, our lighting solutions can help you achieve 60% savings in energy costs and 50% savings in maintenance costs on average, so you can generate the savings to fund your initial investment and obtain a payback in as little as 1.4 years. 

Getting the most from your lighting means saving more money so you can invest back into your operations. The optimization starts with LED luminaires that save energy and minimize maintenance costs. 

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