Get Protected with XVOLT Technology

August 24, 2020 Tom Pierce

Don't Let a Dropped Neutral or Poor Power Quality Bring Your Infrastructure to it's Knees

Whether your site is an industrial facility, warehouse, military base, correctional facility or even a network of roadways and tunnels, lighting is one of the most critical elements of your infrastructure.

Now imagine without warning your site lighting going dark with no quick way to recover operations. A catastrophic failure that requires total replacement of every light fixture on the circuit. This is what you are risking if you experience a dropped neutral or any one of a number of other poor power quality issues.

Holophane®  has enabled a wide variety of industrial & infrastructure products with our new XVOLT feature that can protect you from such an event.

New XVOLT Page

Be advised that we have just released a new XVOLT web page to help you learn more about the risks of poor power quality, and the growing portfolio of XVOLT-enabled solutions that Holophane offers to combat such issues.

Learn more by visiting the new XVOLT page today at


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