Cyclone Introduces Slotted Poles for Exterior Lighting

September 19, 2022 Christine Zanella


Cyclone Lighting has released a line of slotted poles. Vertical slots in each pole enable easy-on, easy-off additions for accessories such as pedestrian lights, parking or street name signs, speakers, plant holders, etc.

Each round extruded Cyclone pole includes four 90-degree slots in which accessories can be attached seamlessly. While traditional attachments necessitate plumber's straps around a pole, accessories may now be attached with two bolts, enabling greater flexibility during project conception, and enhancing aesthetic integration.



Cyclone luminaires may be affixed with brackets specifically designed for the new slotted poles. However, the slot was designed to accommodate standard carriage bolts. Products and accessories from other manufacturers are also easily installed.

Urban planners may choose slotted poles in a 4” diameter, 4” with a muffler base, or an 8” diameter. Pole heights from 8’ to 25’ are available with the 4” diameter pole, and 12’ to 30’ with the 8” diameter pole.

All poles feature a door with a waterproof joint to allow access to a copper ground terminal. And all versions are ASSHTO 2013 and CSA Standard C22.2 no. 206-2017 certified.


Slotted Poles feature summary:

  • Round extruded aluminum pole with four 90° slots
  • 3 poles available; round 4” diameter, round 4” diameter with muffler base, and 8” diameter
  • Heights available from 8’ to 25’ for the 4” diameter poles and 12’ to 30’ for the 8” diameter pole
  • Standard carriage bolt to attach accessories, available at any hardware store
  • Access door with waterproof joint
  • AASHTO 2013 and CSA Standard C22.2 no. 206- 2017 certified
  • 4 custom bracket styles available, a banner arm, plant support, a GFI adaptor, and 3 base covers

Full details on Slotted Poles on Cyclone's Website! 

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