Updated TWH-TWP Wall Packs with DLC and ALO

March 22, 2018 Heather Nemeth

The TWH LED and TWP LED from Lithonia Lighting® have been upgraded. They are on the DLC qualified product list and now are standard with adjustable light output to field-adjust the lumens.

  • For the distributor: Reduce inventory by consolidating multiple skus into a handful of stock products (3 to 1). The TWH LED 40K can provide a range of lumens from 2,100 up to 9,200, replacing anywhere from 70W up to 400W metal halide luminaires.
  • For the contractor: Dial in the lumens on the job site versus having to try out different luminaires and make multiple trips to the distributor to get the right product.
  • For the end user: Reduce energy consumption up to 83% and eliminate the need for frequent lamp and ballast replacements compared to traditional HID luminaires.

Tools To Assist:

TWH: Product Page Specification Sheets Sell Sheet​

TWP: Product Page Specification Sheets Sell Sheet​



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