EVO® Downlights & Wallwash with nTune

April 24, 2019 Travis Betts

Launch Date:  April 22, 2019

Mainstream Dynamic brings exciting features once reserved for niche applications into everyday lighting systems. The Tunable White feature allows for the inclusion of white light into various scenes – matching the optimal light for different activities. When Tunable White is deployed on our nLight® controls network, we call it nTune. This allows nLight to control lighting color temperature on the same network that manages motion detection, daylight harvesting and dimming. Customers can build a system of controls and Gotham® EVO® luminaires that work seamlessly together.


Quick facts about this product:

  • Three CCT ranges:
    • Rhythm Range (2700K-6500K) – Follows the cycle of daylight
    • Productivity Range (3000K-5000K) – Re-energize and inspire, ideal for collaboration
    • WarmDim® Range (1800K-3000K) – Relaxing, warm and comfortable when dimmed
  • Delivered lumens – 4”: 500-3000 LM; 6”: 500-5000 LM
  • Distribution – 4”: Medium, Medium Wide, Wide; 6”: Very Narrow, Narrow, Medium, Medium Wide, Wide
  • Control Performance – nLight enabled options
  • CRI – 85 typical, 90+ CRI available
  • Apertures – Round and square
  • Special Applications – Patient Room & Shower


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