Gozio Health Adds Atrius™ IoT Indoor Positioning Solution to Its Wayfinding Mobile Platform

February 27, 2018

Gozio Health, a healthcare technology company specializing in mobile wayfinding, has joined the Atrius™ Internet of Things (IoT) partner ecosystem. Gozio Health will be expanding its mobile platform to include Atrius™ indoor positioning solutions (IPS), leveraging the Atrius Navigator Software Development Kit (SDK).

Using the wayfinding technology developed by Gozio Health, patients can navigate from their home, to the correct parking area, and on to their point-of-care inside a healthcare system’s facilities via their smartphone. Gozio Health provides an app that is branded for each healthcare facility and can be further customized with access to additional services such as the MYChart® patient portal and physician directory, allowing patients to meet their medical care needs. Gozio has earned an exclusive endorsement from the American Hospital Association for its wayfinding solution.

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Atrius Partner Profile: Gozio Health

Atrius Platform Services Leveraged : Atrius Navigator - Indoor Positioning Services

Applications Served: Healthcare

Website: www.goziohealth.com


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