Mobile Lighting Apps: How to Improve Operations for Facility Managers

December 19, 2017 Stephen Zoeller

Mobile Lighting Apps

If you have a smartphone or tablet, you are probably familiar with mobile apps. Most of you are already using mobile apps to make work tasks easier and turn your smart device into a fully functioning extension of yourself. 

Mobile apps are available for just about everything, including lighting controls. There are lighting apps used for configuration, for control, or both configuration and control. Some of these apps can work without an internet connection and all apps should require a token or login credentials to keep your facility and information safe.

Mobile Lighting Apps for Facility Managers and Building Owners

The same lighting app that contractors use to startup and program lighting in a building is available to facility managers and building owners once the construction is complete. Facility managers and building owners can modify LED lighting networks or sensor settings helping to meet code or address the needs of the occupants.

Where to Get Apps

Mobile lighting apps are available like regular apps for download from the following sources:

  • Apple® devices - iPhones, iPod touches, and iPads can get apps through iTunes on a computer or via the App Store straight from the device
  • Android™ devices - the Google® Play store and Amazon® Appstore for Android 

Common Pain Points - Facility Managers and Building Owners

Below is a breakdown of the common pain points that a mobile lighting app can address for facility managers and building owners. 

Space Reconfiguration and Renovation

As business evolves, the flexibility to reconfigure or renovate a space to meet the needs of the occupants is critical. 

Mobile apps enable the facility staff to make changes in the space to align the lighting control system operation with the new space configuration. 

A mobile app can provide a significant benefit to organizations who regularly reconfigure spaces or move personnel from one space to another. 


Most of you have received a call from an occupant telling you a light fixture is not working or a request to adjust the light levels in the space. The ability to quickly address these types of issues improves occupant comfort and aids productivity. 

Reduce and Optimize Energy Consumption

One of the important concepts facing building owners is reducing energy. Fine tuning lighting systems to enhance or optimize energy usage translates into reduced energy costs. Energy reduction is the new normal for building owners to cut operational costs or for those buildings seeking LEED certification. A cost-effective and easy way to adjust lighting systems and reduce energy costs would significantly improve your operation.


Imagine a Better Way!


How Facility Managers and Building Owners Use Lighting Apps

Facility managers and building owners have the ability through a mobile app to change settings to meet the needs of the occupants and help to reduce energy.

Mobile lighting apps help to avoid unbudgeted expenses providing a way for facility managers and building owners to change lighting system settings quickly and easily. 

With a mobile lighting app, the following items related to updating lighting systems and sensors can be done:


  • Occupant Request
  • Renovation or Reconfiguration
  • Ongoing energy reduction

The mobile lighting app solutions in the marketplace use various programming technologies and have different feature sets. Using a trusted business partner is important when selecting an app that meets your needs.

Different Solutions in the Marketplace

There are several mobile lighting apps to make startup and programming of your lighting networks and sensors easier and quicker. 

Programming Technology

There are different technologies used to startup and program sensors and lighting systems available today including:

  • Infrared 
  • Radio frequency
  • Bluetooth
  • Visible Light Programming
  • Wired Connections

Typical Features

Features in the typical mobile lighting app are focused on startup and programming geared toward energy code compliance. There are more robust mobile app solutions, but at a minimum, most lighting apps typically include the following configuration capabilities:

  • Trim levels
  • Occupancy delay
  • Daylighting
  • Switch Control
  • Creation of Zones

The Future of Lighting Apps

As mobile lighting apps evolve, we will continue to see improvements in the areas listed below to help you get on and off the job faster:

  • Faster programming
  • Enhanced security
  • Additional Features


Mobile lighting apps provide facility managers and building owners a way to quickly respond to space occupant needs and fine-tune configuration settings to optimize energy savings.

Please check out the resources available to further investigate the different solutions in the marketplace that meet your needs. 


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