Tuning Up the Classroom with Lighting

January 3, 2017 Acuity News

Every parent wants their kids to be energized by learning. It’s a challenge, though, when school kids complain about being tired after lunch and teachers see their students unfocused, sluggish, or just unable to settle down at various times of the day.

Educators and parents are constantly looking for ways to improve student engagement and performance.  Now they have a new ally – tunable white lighting.  Tunable white lighting allows a teacher to “tune” the color of the light - warmer or cooler- to be just right for the classroom activity. Research shows it helps improve student mood, behavior & focus.

Tunable white luminaires allow the light color temperature to be adjusted to optimal light levels for specific classroom activities. For example, warm lighting provides a more relaxing environment for tasks like reading or to calm the students when their energy levels are high. Conversely, cooler lighting is best suited for rigorous activities like test-taking. Incredible?  See it working in a real classroom.

Tuning the light in the classroom can have very real – and positive – effects on student behavior and performance. And it’s not just us saying it.  One of our tunable white luminaires, the BLT, won the “Platinum” award for School Planning & Management magazine’s 2016 New Product Award program. The New Product Award program “honors the outstanding product development achievements of manufacturers and suppliers, whose products or services are considered to be noteworthy in their ability to enhance the learning environment.”

We recently installed tunable white lighting in a classroom at First Baptist Academy in Covington, GA, near Atlanta. The results were so impressive, that teachers in the school’s other classrooms were clamoring for it. In a video chat with First Baptist Administrator Julie Harpe, she commented that “tunable white is a new tool for improving classroom experience – on par with digital tablets and white boards.”

And, as we’ve done more demonstration installations, we’re finding that when parents find out about the benefits of tunable white lighting, they want it in their schools. The interest we’re seeing is so strong, we decided to set up a program that helps school parents establish a GoFundMe account to raise money. Learn more about how we’re helping improve the learning environment with lighting, one classroom at a time.

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