Spring into Action Now to Get Your House Ready to Sell

January 8, 2018 Neil Egan

For much of the U.S., January is too frigid for most outdoor projects. So, it’s the perfect time to spruce things up in the warm indoors.

That’s especially true for homeowners planning to put their properties on sale in the spring, which a 2016 survey[1] of real estate agents revealed makes up the best three months of the year in which to sell a house. Naturally, a top priority is to fix anything broken or worn out, like cracked windows or leaky bathroom fixtures, to make your home extra inviting.

But aesthetics plays a big role in putting an attractive bow on your soon-to-be-former household. That can mean painting over dowdy bedroom walls, steam cleaning all carpets or weeding out much of that once-vital junk gathering dust in the basement.

Lighting can play a major role, too, in whether a prospective buyer falls in love with the house. Take a walk from room to room, and view everything as objectively as possible. If you notice dark corners, outdated fixtures or snazzy accoutrements that are too easily overlooked, it may be time to selectively ramp-up your lighting.

We have dozens of easy-to-install lighting options across all of our brands that can instantly transform drab areas of the house into shining stars. Here are a few ideas from Lithonia Lighting that are guaranteed to brighten up the place, and help get the homestead under contract:

  • LED Surface Mount Downlights – When space is slim, like over a shower stall or kitchen pantry, a Juno SlimForm™ LED will make any interior designer swoon. These economical, surface-mounted fixtures are easily installed over a standard junction box. And with a low-profile design that comes in a variety of square or round sizes and sleek designer trims, they really deliver an elegant look in any application. Dimmable and battery back-up options are also available. 


  • LED Linear Flush Mounts – These two- to four-foot decorative fixtures from Lithonia Lighting® can deliver high-quality ambient lighting for any surface-mount ceiling application. These ENERGY STAR® certified luminaires offer excellent color to ideally complement long hallways, window-less closets, kitchens, workrooms and more. Check out all five of Lithonia Lighting’s unique LED linear flush mount options – Boomerang, Catenary, Retro, Bouldercrest and Lindbergh – each of which comes in brushed nickel or bronze finishes.


  • LED Vanity Collection -- Contemporary lighting designed to perfectly compliment the décor is a simple yet elegant way to ballyhoo the beauty of your bathrooms and powder rooms. For instance, a one-foot vanity fixture can serve as a delightfully decorative LED sconce that adds dimension to the vanity area. Consider contemporary or traditional options, which come in cylinder, round, square and arrow shapes.

For more lighting options that can add pizzazz to any room in the house – even if you plan to stay around for a while -- visit www.acuitybrands.com.

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