Shine Some Light on Your “Other” Rooms When Sprucing Up for Spring

January 30, 2018 Neil Egan

Did you read our article on getting your house ready for spring?

Here are some more suggestions, this time addressing those less visible areas that are so easy to overlook when refurbishing. Whether prepping to put your home on the market, or just ridding it of a winter’s worth of dust and dowdiness, out-of-sight areas don’t need to be out-of-mind.

Add these areas to your spruce-up to-do list:

Garage. It’s easy to forget the garage, since you’re in and out of it pretty quickly, especially in chilly weather. But it’s likely housing more than its share of empty paint cans and a cavalcade of other stuff that should be culled through, so you can figure out what to chuck from what stays put.

Neatly organize what remains on shelves or wall utility hooks – and then get a better look at your handiwork with an SGLL Linear light, from Lithonia Lighting®. The two-foot-long, ceiling mounted, energy-saving LED fixture provides bright illumination; plus, it will automatically turn on when you walk in, thanks to its integrated PIR motion sensor.

Workshop. To make sure you properly live up to the “measure twice, cut once” adage, get the best lighting to do your jobs right. Another Lithonia Lighting product – the LED linkable DPSL Shoplight – is ideal for that setting. Designed and manufactured to complement a workshop’s popular diamond plate storage cabinets, the light’s 20 gauge 5-3/8” reflector directs bright light precisely onto your work area.

Hobby greenhouse. For those with a green thumb, growing vegetables or plants in a lean-to or freestanding “hobby” greenhouse, proper lighting is critical to cultivating a bumper crop.

And Lithonia Lighting has just the solution – the Linear LED Grow Light. Depending on the plant species and season of growth, you can select from several configurations, all from the same fixture. Also, to promote photosynthesis in plants, the Grow Light is switchable between single color or combinations of red, blue, and full (white) spectrums in the PAR range of 400 to 700 nanometers.

These and numerous other Acuity Brands lighting options can truly showcase your home, for your own pleasure or to draw the attention of potential buyers. Learn more at

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