Real-Time Power Metering In A Lighting Controller…What Will We Think Of Next?

June 1, 2017 Neil Egan


Lighting is one of the largest electrical loads in today’s buildings, so it made sense to make accurately metering this load part of the lighting control system.  It’s the kind of thing we like to do at Acuity Brands – find new, interesting, and most importantly, useful ways to leverage lighting and controls technology to go beyond illumination.

The result this time is our SiteView™ Energy solution – which combines power metering devices and a digital dashboard, to create a detailed, real-time look at actual energy consumption within a building. That’s right, now building managers and owners can use an integrated lighting and controls system track and analyze weekly, monthly and yearly energy data to identify trends and savings.

SiteView Energy takes advantage of software hosted within our award-winning nLight ECLYPSE® smart building-ready controller. The nLight ECLYPSE controller leverages BACnet/IP and Wi-Fi networks to allow seamless, reliable integration of nLight® lighting control systems with building management systems that use the BACnet communication protocol.1

SiteView Energy solution is robust. It supports up to five, revenue-grade power meters per nLight ECLYPSE device. The SiteView Energy application is hosted directly within the controller and features a graphical user interface that displays power consumption dashboards that can be viewed on any PC or mobile device.  We made it easy to configure and deploy as well.  Everything can be done through a web browser. 

Speaking of useful … SiteView Energy can analyze energy consumption for a single tenant, multiple tenants or an entire facility with no programming required. It can also compare load type or floor-to-floor usage, pinpointing areas of higher consumption. These energy usage logs can be exported and submitted to local utilities to help qualify for available utility incentive programs. SiteView Energy can also help building owners achieve compliance with regional energy codes such as Local Law 88 in New York and Title 24 in California.     

And if that’ s not enough, the SiteView Energy user interface can also be used by property managers as a public information dashboard to promote occupant engagement and demonstrate corporate social responsibility by providing tips on saving energy and information on other sustainability initiatives. 

Now that’s useful.

Want to learn more?  Visit our SiteView Energy page and for the bigger picture, visit our Brilliant Approach to Smart Buildings  

1 BACnet is a data communication protocol for building automation and control networks. nLight ECLYPSE is one of a limited number of controllers with both building management and lighting control capabilities to earn a BACnet Testing Laboratories’ BACnet Building Controller (B-BC device) listing, and is now further enhanced with SiteView Energy functionality. 

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