Ready for a Kitchen Remodel? Here are Less-Taxing Layered Lighting Options

March 2, 2018 Neil Egan

Is there a tax refund in your immediate future?

If so, that long-awaited remodel of your kitchen could put those funds to good use. And that includes kitchen lighting enhancements that can literally put that popular family gathering place in the spotlight.

Kitchen lighting is all about creating layers, establishing the ideal balance between functionality and ambiance. Task lighting for food preparation, ambient lighting to set the right mood when entertaining and accent lighting for added emphasis – the layers work independently or in concert to bring luster to one of your home’s prime gathering spots.  

Whether hanging pendants to illuminate work surfaces, recessed lights for general purposes or under-cabinet lights to perfectly add nuance, we have the right lighting – and layers -- for any kitchen activity.

Here are a few of our favorites, and tips for using them:


Juno SlimForm™ LED Surface Mount Downlights are a subtle, complementary addition to any kitchen. Economical and easy-to-install, these round- or square-shaped fixtures have an unobtrusive profile that cleanly integrates with any décor.

For small fixtures, Juno Mini LED Downlights can deliver a big and luxurious impact. They easily squeeze into the tightest of places, providing the desired look with just the right amount of light.

Undercabinet Lighting

Speaking of small, Juno Solo Task Puc Lights are stylish and contemporary luminaires. At just 2-1/2" x 9/16", they fit unobtrusively under cabinets and shelves, yet can produce enough brilliant white light for task and accent illumination.

Need a larger undercabinet or task lighting profile? Juno® Pro-Series and Economy Undercabinet Lighting provides a practical alternative for more budget sensitive installations. Pro-Series is available for LED, Halogen, Xenon and Fluorescent sources.

Lights & Music

You can light up the kitchen and enjoy music while cooking or entertaining with the 6SL Wireless LED Speaker Downlight from Lithonia Lighting®.  It’s perfect to retrofit into existing 6” apertures and recessed cans, and its speaker wirelessly connects to most Bluetooth®-enabled devices.

Kitchens are multi-purpose so your kitchen light fixtures need to be layered accordingly. Recessed downlighting fixtures work best for general, or ambient, lighting, while pendants are ideal over an island, sink or a built-in desk area. Add some cabinet lighting for accents, and you’re all set.

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