Peter Ngai IES Award

December 4, 2016 Acuity News

Last month, at the Illuminating Engineering Society’s (IES) 2016 National Convention, our Peter Y. Ngai, Vice President-Technology, received the MEDAL Award for technical achievement for pioneer work in advancing OLED.  The award was given in recognition of Peter’s “meritorious technical achievement in furthering the profession, art or knowledge of illuminating engineering.”

It’s fitting because Peter has contributed richly to the technological advancement of lighting design and performance. He is one of the first lighting engineers to implement computer visualization graphics. He has pioneered advanced optics for new lamp technologies, researched overhead glare and developed methods for near-field photometry and the photometry of UV luminaires. He has also been instrumental in the progression of OLED technology, as well as a fervent champion of lighting quality.

It’s no secret that Peter’s greatest passion lies with OLED.  Earlier this year, in a keynote address at the OLED Coalition and California Lighting Technology Center’s OLED Lighting Workshop, Peter extolled how OLED transforms the lighting experience from simply utility to something that resonates with our emotion.  Peter described OLED as “a noble light source,” a luminaire with form but without volume that “celebrates what is not there.”  He went on to state that regimented lighting layouts are a thing of the past, and that OLED frees designers to put light where they want it.

When Peter talks about the future of lighting, he stresses the importance of combining technical with a harmonized design and that the two fields are really inseparable.  His vision of what lighting can become continues to make a mark in the industry and reflects how he is both a talented innovator and technical mentor in the lighting profession. He’s also noted for memorable quotes.  One of our favorites is “attractive things work better.”


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