It’s Always Time for LED Recessed Downlighting

September 28, 2017 Neil Egan

Daylight Saving Time is over on November 5, but shorter days – and less sun – don’t have to put an end to your summer-like use of outdoor porches, patios and decks.

Let the light keep on shining, indoors or out, with our ultra-thin Wafer™ LED Recessed Downlighting, from our Lithonia Lighting® brand. It installs easily, in minutes, and then you can forget about it for roughly 36,000 hours – the typical maintenance-free life for our energy-efficient, high-quality LED module.

With its narrow design and remote driver box (which rests comfortably adjacent to the light, but on the inside of the ceiling), the Wafer LED is ideal for confined, hard-to-reach spaces like closets, hallways and stairwells where traditional recessed lighting is not viable.

Also, since both the downlight and its remote driver are approved for “wet location” use anywhere there is direct exposure to water, the Wafer works well in indoor and outdoor locations that otherwise would be a recessed lighting no-go – such as outdoor soffits susceptible to rain, bathrooms and even shower stalls.

What makes the Wafer so versatile is its narrow design, enabling it to be installed in applications with as little as 2" of plenum clearance. Even better, traditional pot light housing is not necessary, and that further broadens how and where the Wafer can be used for residential, commercial, retail and outdoor forms of ambient or direct downlighting.

The Wafer comes in 3”, 4” and 6” sizes, and is available in 2700K (square only), 3000K and 4000K color temperatures. And you truly don’t need to worry about installation. Our video guides you through it in a snap.

You can keep the party going long after sunset. In addition to the Wafer LED, the recessed 6SL LED Wireless Speaker Downlight from Lithonia Lighting® is a simple and efficient way to light up a room, and it is built to wirelessly stream audio from any mobile device via Bluetooth®, from any streaming app. It even received first place in the “Connected Lighting” category of the 2017 Lighting for Tomorrow awards.

Learn more about these two downlights at

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