Harmonizing LED and OLED to Transform Modern Illumination

January 24, 2017 Acuity News

One of the coolest things going on in solid-state architectural lighting is the marriage of functionality and art form to create completely new luminaires with new and unique design sensibilities. For example, our Olessence™ architectural linear suspended luminaire by Peerless® brings together OLED and LED light sources to create beauty that performs.. 

Olessence luminaires feature our Duet SSL™ Technology, which optimizes OLED and LED in a single luminaire. OLEDs provide soft, bright, uniform diffused lighting for comfortable direct ambient illumination. LEDs produces high lumen, point source uplight for widespread indirect illumination. Balancing OLED and LED in a single luminaire creates transformational lighting solutions that neither technology could create on its own.

And to boast a bit, the industry has also been impressed with Olessence. At LIGHTFAIR® International 2015, Duet SSL received an Edison Report “Top 10 Must See Products” designation. Last August, Olessence was selected for the 2016 Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) Progress Report, which “showcases the year's most significant developments in the art and science of lighting.”

To really appreciate Olessence you have to see it. Click the link to watch an Olessence Video.

If you want the specs, click here.  For the brochure.

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