Flex it, Cut it, and Reconnect it – Are We Talking about Lighting?

February 7, 2017 Neil Egan

Today’s LED lighting is so versatile that it comes in a multitude of interesting forms. One that is particularly striking is a form of architectural-grade linear LED lighting called an LED strip or tape light. These lights are essentially a flexible circuit board populated by surface mounted LEDs with an adhesive backing.

Strip lights are ideal for accent lighting, backlighting, task lighting, and decorative lighting applications.  And, as LED technology has evolved, they can be used for a range of new applications.

LED strip lights make spaces look amazing.  But, while they’re flexible, not all are easily customizable. Some strip lighting creates a dead end when it’s cut. Dead ends can cause voltage drops, which results in uneven lighting.  This presents a challenge for specifiers and contractors who want to use light strips, but need to light areas with variable lengths, angles and curves. 

We love to solve lighting design challenges, so we developed a new type of strip light called the DanaLite FlexConnect™, which has embedded connectors that can be cut in six-inch increments and re-connected to any length and shape.

Beyond versatility, DanaLite FlexConnect systems deliver exceptional color quality. The system works at up to 450 lumens per foot of white light in CCTs from 2200- 4000K; and a proprietary, UV-stable optical pigment corrects color shifts naturally.  That’s hard to beat in terms of color rendering and consistency.

The systems are easy to configure and install. They use variety of electrical feeds and modular connectors, as well as an assortment of aluminum channels for custom mounting or basic mounting clips to directly mount the LEDs strips. They are also rated for indoor damp locations, as well as Indoor/Outdoor (IP67 Wet Location) applications.

Versatile, configurable linear lighting that lets you flex your design muscle.  Imagine it!

Read more about the DanaLite FlexConnect here

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