Atrius™ Capabilities Add Even More Value to LED Lighting Systems

February 6, 2018 Neil Egan


Two lighting-enabled services from Atrius™ -- our powerful Internet of Things (IoT) platform – further extend the capabilities of indoor positioning services (IPS) as essential drivers of your business. They include:

  • Atrius™ Navigator, a software development kit (SDK) that fosters the development of mobile applications by leveraging Indoor Positioning Solutions (IPS) and Location-Based Services (LBS) data via BLE and VLC of lighting; and
  • Atrius™ Insights, a web application that connects visitor’s path with detailed spatial data, providing analytics to understand their experiences for optimizing future customer conversions, business programs and performance.

Here’s why these IoT innovations should command your attention.

It all begins with technology embedded in your luminaires. Imagine an invisible IoT network deployed across your indoor and adjacent outdoor spaces, which is enabled by Bluetooth® low energy (BLE) and/or Visible Light Communication (VLC) technologies. Now, eliminate the additional installation and maintenance costs of communication beacons common with other IoT networks. What you have is an advanced technology network built on your building technology.

Now, with millions of lights converting to energy-efficient, low-maintenance, high-quality LED technology, businesses can extract even more value. That’s because LED luminaires provide a powerful, connected infrastructure for BLE and VLC technologies – technologies resulting in actionable data and metrics for deep insights such as predicting future behavior within a space. Businesses can then craft a customer journey down to the site and brand level, leading to improved customer conversion. And, in the end, all parties benefit – site operations, employees, customers and the business.

Our luminaires, which are embedded with BLE and VLC technologies, create a dense location-aware sensory network that canvasses indoor and adjacent outdoor environments to provide highly precise location accuracy - within 10 cm to 3-meter accuracy based on selected technology and deployment. Where can you put it? Anywhere there is a lighting infrastructure: airports, hospitals, warehouses, parking lots and retail stores are just a few.

What does that look like in practice? Imagine putting that technology right into the hands of consumers, and then putting the resulting data intelligence back into the business to develop mobile applications that will engage them onsite during their next visit. Only next visit it is a better experience for both the customer and the business. Via point of interest search, wayfinding, proximity marketing and point of interest notifications, geo-fencing triggers and more, Atrius Navigator lives up to its name. The technology can guide shoppers or employees, patients, etc. – that’s why we use insights from visitors every step of the way.

Taking robust data, collected via BLE and VLC technology, Atrius Insights’ web application details when, where and how long customers spend time in your facility. By combining this data with a facilities’ data, think of the impact of that information. There are practical applications derived from predicting customer behavior, such as improving operations and store layouts. And, vendors or brands can connect with customers real-time on location, offering a breadth of communications from proximity marketing and promotional offers to Buy Online Pick Up in Store (BOPUS). With insights and the cost savings provided by the technology, it makes an easy case for equipping a space with IoT technology.

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