2020 Connected Buildings Status Check – Growing Adoption and Business Value

November 10, 2020 Jerrice Cuvilly

2020 Connected Buildings Status Check – Growing Adoption and Business Value

Connected buildings are on the rise with a 38% increase in fully operational deployments over the past 2 years.

According to a 2020 survey of IT and operations decision-makers, there continues to be significant growth in the adoption of connected building technologies.  More than 50% of those surveyed indicated they deployed a connected building solution in 2020, and the remaining surveyed building management companies are considering one with 20% planning to deploy in the next 12 months.

The IDC study, sponsored by Acuity Brands, surveyed 207 building management across North America in May 2020 during the pandemic, to learn about the challenges and opportunities of connected building technologies for their organizations. A similar study was conducted in 2018

This adoption increase is not met without challenges and concerns, however, as indicated by the survey results. Reported challenges to selecting a connect building solution are primarily around budgeting, ROI, evaluating and choosing solutions, and integration into existing infrastructure. A reported 33.3% of respondents stated that “difficulty understanding the ROI” and “too many solutions to choose from” were two of the top challenges to selecting a connected building solution. While 34.5% indicated that the ability to evaluate the technology in an operational scenario was the decision they struggled with the most.

Image from: Connected Buildings - Growing Adoption and Business Value, IDC Infographic, Sponsored by Acuity Brands, 2020

Acuity Brands connected building solutions address these challenges for a variety of industries including offices and commercial buildings, industrial/manufacturing spaces, education, healthcare and hospitality facilities.  Connected luminaires and lighting controls, one of the most sought-after capabilities being deployed in 2020 per the survey results, enable communication to other connected devices such as sensors, HVAC controls, video surveillance. Building management and automation solutions deliver proven ROI and help drive significant energy costs savings while meeting organizational and operational business objectives.  These cutting-edge technologies, all available from Acuity Brands, increase building value and attractiveness to tenants, occupants, and visitors by providing useful data that optimizes energy efficiency, occupant services, well-being solutions and creates more comfortable environments.                                                                                                                                                                                                 The solutions Acuity Brands provide include:

  • Building management, automated solutions and energy management platforms from Distech Controls™
  • BuildingOS® for building energy management and analytics across commercial office portfolio
  • Embedded lighting (indoor, outdoor and lighting controls for a single room with JOT by SensorSwitch™ to nLight® networked lighting controls for full site and campus-wide controls

Acuity Brands connected building technologies and embedded lighting and controls solutions work seamlessly together and integrate with existing controls infrastructures to create a system that can continually be built upon for years to come. Whether you are looking for the latest innovations to create a healthy and productive workplace, to improve occupant experience, or for data and analytics that tie back to BMS for greater energy management, building efficiency, and facilities management, Acuity Brands helps our customers select the solutions that will improve building performance.

To learn more about the trends and top capabilities being selected in connected building technology solutions, view the IDC Connected Buildings Survey automated infographic or the full infographic sponsored by Acuity Brands.  

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