Use Industrial LED Lighting to Beat the Heat in Your Cold Storage Warehouse Webinar - Acuity Brands

November 8, 2016 Justin Moon
This video explains the potential savings from upgrading the industrial lighting in your cold storage warehouse to LED. For more information, visit: Heat is the enemy to a cold storage warehouse. If you use HID or fluorescent lighting in your warehouse and loading docks, you’re fighting a losing battle because both make your refrigeration units run harder. Traditional HID lights use up to 458% more energy than the industrial LED solution, and fluorescent lights use up to 365% more, making your chiller run harder. This extra energy usage increases your energy bill significantly. Watch this webinar, recorded live in August 2016, to learn just how much energy traditional cold room lighting wastes. Discover how to beat the heat in your cold storage with a warehouse LED lighting and control strategy from the experts at Acuity Brands. To read more about Acuity Brands Industrial Lighting Solutions, please see:
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Retrofitting Warehouse Light Fixtures [Case Study]
Retrofitting Warehouse Light Fixtures [Case Study]


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Cold Storage LED Lighting Upgrade [Case Study]

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