Rubik Revolutionizes Commercial Lighting by Mark Architectural Lighting – Acuity Brands

September 7, 2016
Rubik is an elegant, easy-to-install, groundbreaking architectural lighting product for the commercial lighting designer that wants to get creative with geometric shapes, grayscale, and bold color. For more information on Rubik, please visit: This video shows people describing and discussing the Rubik product. They explain details about Rubik’s three uniquely different forms made to work within an office lighting ceiling grid: a linear group of three lighting cells, an L shape with five cells, and a square of nine lighting cells. These shapes can be configured in any combination of grayscale, static white, tunable white, and accent color lights in traditional forms or innovative shapes in your grid of commercial ceiling lights. Designers can leverage the luminous palette of colors in Rubik not previously available to a lighting designer ranging from pastels to neon. Intensity can be set to change throughout the day to optimize performance and experience, as well as add visual interest to occupants’ lighting experience. For more information about the Rubik commercial lighting fixtures, please visit: Rubik is created by Mark Architectural Lighting. For more on the brand, please see:
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